Friday, August 7, 2009

The First One

Today is the third day since I really (I mean REALLY) started to stock my upcoming online store. The first couple of days of August went in a jet-lag blur: 11 hours time difference is difficult to swallow, even when you are coming home. I was sleep-walking during the day and waking up three times at night - overall was absolutely unproductive. So, now I am sort of catching up, trying to complete a few things each and every day.

Today I:

- created a design for Aleutie's Reusable Shopping List (and discovered that the magnetic pad that I was suppose to use at the back didn't attach to a laminated paper - bummer)

- made a very nice hand-drawn design on a T-shirt, using Polymark Dimensional Fabric Paint in Crystal Glitter (I picked it up yesterday almost by mistake and now I just ADORE this product)

- made an experimental stamp from a foam mat: the imprint came out not so bad, but I still need to work on the process

- scheduled everything I still need to do before opening (turned to be a horrendously long list)

- and finally - created this blog!


  1. Yay! I am excited for you - best of luck!!! Love your prints and designs :-)

    I am trying to come up with a plan myself, want to venture out into pet photography. My photo blog is

  2. Oh thank you good luck to you too. You have cutest photos, should try to send them to