Saturday, September 12, 2009

Family trivia

Watching "Conan the Barbarian" the other night my hubby and I got into a discussion: nether one of us knew for sure if Governor had any kids. We developed two major theories:

1) he never had kids and it's not so strange considering his athletic past

2) he had kids, but they are all decent and well-behaved human beings, who didn't attract attention of the press with sick escapades

Well, I looked it up and now I am happy to inform you that Governor actually had FOUR children - all with the same woman, his wife Maria Shriver. Here you are - I even found a picture:
Nice looking family, I think. I actually like Mr. Schwarzenegger very much a honestly think than he is a really cool guy. Although I never in my life will manage to write his name correctly. It's OK, I'll copy-paste.


  1. Arnie rules! My fav moment is that he is not getting salary for being California governor. At least, it's what I've heard. Well, ok he is the best terminator that can be imagined, ever. :)