Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Four eggs, one cup of sugar" - what?

So, what about that very simple apple sponge cake? – I was asked. Well, I still believe that this is the most primitive recipe in the history. Especially if you make it my way – the lazy impatient slacker way. It takes 4 eggs, 1 cap of sugar, 1 cap of all-purpose flower, 1 big apple, traces amounts of soda, cinnamon, butter and bread crumbs, 50 min of your time (starting with the moment you break the first egg and finishing when you put the cake on the plate).

1) Turn the oven on 385 degree (190 C). For the time it preheats you will prepare the dough. Yes, you can.

2) Bit four eggs in a bowl, add sugar and flower.

I know, the real pastry chefs would tell you that first you have to separate egg whites and yolks and then stir the sugar with the yolks ‘till it becomes white, and whip the egg whites till it forms a stiff foam that doesn’t go even if you turn the bowl upside down (yes, I can do this trick, but it’s just not necessary). Some people believe that it will affect the quality and the taste of the product. I don’t think so. I used to do it, but then gave it up. You have my blessing to skip the “separation stage” and just mix everything together. Add some soda at the very end.

3) Next, slice the apple thin. I strongly recommend using a sour apple to balance the very, very sweet dough.

4) Now, I don’t actually have a special cake form. I use an old frying pen without a handle. So I have to cover it with bread crumbs to prevent the stickage. If you have a proper non-stick form – skip this part. If you want to be sure that your cake will get out nicely, smear a little bit of butter all over the inside of you form (or whatever you use). I beg you: don’t use this synthetic “I don’t believe it’s not polypropylene” cooking sprays. You don’t know what’s in it, I don’t know what’s in it, and the butter works all the time. Then spill a handful of bread crumbs in and give it a little twirl so the crumbs will be distributed all over the buttered surface.

5) Put the apple slices on the bottom. You can do two layers, but the bottom layer may fall off. Sprinkle some cinnamon over and pour the dough. That’s pretty much it.

6) Bake the cake for 30 min, then stick a wooden pin in it and if it comes out wet, cook a little bit longer. I can’t overemphasize the following: DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN UNTIL YOUR CAKE IF (ALMOST) READY, because it will de-fluff.

7) After the cake is baked you want to take it from the form. All these apples at the bottom can make it soggy. I like to put it on the little grill pot support for a few minutes – to promote good ventilation. When the cake stops steaming you can put it on the plate. Voila! If you don’t take pictures and write an article, you have to manage in 50 min.
Here it is - not much of a looker, but tasty and warm:

You can literally make it and throw in the oven while your guests are looking for a parking space (that's if you live in the city). Again: this is NOT good for your figure, but it's good for your soul. And what's more important, huh?

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