Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly

Being inspired by all the talanted people from the blogosphere, I went to the craft store and bought myself a crochet. Well, it's not like I never chrocheted before. In middle school I did. And I thought that crocheting was like riding a bicycle: you never forget how to do it, right? And I had that yarn from my old sweater. So I turned on a TV (there was a western classic night) and cooked up this creature:

No, it's not a mouse. It is, actually, a polar bear. I stuffed it with cotton balls and sew up with the same 5 mm crochet. I think I'll call him Lumpy...


  1. Congrats for jumping on the bike again! I think you did a pretty good job for not crocheting in a while. It just takes lots of practice!!

  2. Thank you! And I think I need a smaller crochet, the 5mm is pretty big, what do you think?