Friday, October 9, 2009

Proud to be bipolar

Normally, I am not so easily getting annoyed. Raised as a push-over, I grow up to be a very accepting person (thanks, mom!). But this particular type of people never fails to grind my gear: the people who are proud to be something that they didn't do a squat to create.

Like "I proud to be Russian" or "American" or "woman" or "black" or"Asian" or "Asian woman". WHAT IS IT YOU ARE PROUD OF, EXACTLY? It is not really an accomplishment - to carry two X chromosomes. Nether to be born in a certain country in the certain times. It is a pure coincidence, you know.

And what on Earth does it mean "proud to be a woman"? Are woman better then men - like all the time better? And even if they are - what did you personally do to make them such a superb group of humans? I am not even starting with all the "proud patriots" - most of them never vote.

But you know who should seriously stop being proud of being who they are? Gay people. Because it's ether not a choice - in this case it's pure luck that they are gays and there is nothing to praise themselves for. Or it is some kind of chosen way - then they have to rethink the whole defence strategy. Choose, for god sake.

Am I proud to be a brunette? Hell, no. Although it is a nice group to be associated with, but I know how little I did to be accepted and keep my pride on a short leash. Actually, sometimes I am embarrassed to be Russian - although it is not my fault as well, but I keep getting guilty by association every time when our brave guys bomb somebody - the other proud group of people. Maybe if there was less pride on Earth, there would be less wars. Just think about it. Today I proud to be a maniac, tomorrow I will be proud to be in depression.


  1. Haha! I agree :-) I actually think people declare their pride when they feel inferior thus announcing their fears to the world.

  2. Hi Julia - i really like your blog! Great stuff :)

  3. hey, Cally, thank you for stopping by :)