Friday, November 20, 2009

Find me a face!

I am building my web-site, and among all the obstacles I faced, there is one rather uncool. It seems that I don't have one decent photo of myself that I can put on the front page. You know: to make potential customers feel at ease - the nice, friendly, smiley picture of me.

I went thought 4 years of pictures on my computer and I couldn't find even one photo where I have a normal face, don't wear sunglasses and don't do something completely embarrassing. Instead I have this

and this

and this one

and surely this

and how can we forget this

and the one I am especially proud of - this

I don't photograph well. THat's probably why I always goofing around the camera with the demonstrated results. Gosh how can I look like a respectful serious peoson if I am not? I should check if circus is hiring.


  1. At least your choices are amusing :-) Mine are just lame... No, seriously, I am dealing with the same issue - there is NOT A SINGLE nice photo of me!!! And a million of Tom. So, I blame the photographer ;-)

  2. Yep, me too! And, of course, I blame Canada(TM) :))