Monday, December 7, 2009

Cats' Hotel Project

My friend asked me to come up with a name and corporate identity for a hotel for cats in Montreal area. I love everything that has something to do with animals and I had a lot of fun, working at this project.

The business name came to my mind very easily: feline + Inn = Fel-Inn. I choose a graceful slightly curvy typeface called Maiandra and customized low-case “i” turning it into a cat silhouette. I decided on oval rather then rectangular for the background shape and found a dark orangy shade of yellow for it so it would remind a cat eye.

For a black and white version I had to significantly decrease the contrast, so the lettering wouldn’t disappear on the gray that came on the place of yellow.

And I use an empty oval for a stamp. I used Trebuchet for additional texts, sometimes deforming it to make it significantly lower and stockier.

I used fun black and white leopard pattern for accents and background, designing a front sign and a business card. This sign have a very traditional feel which, I thought, would work best for this very nontraditional enterprise.

I tried to keep using the signature “i” everywhere it was possible on the business card, such as in the person's name: