Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's Hot, What's Not

Today's Wednesday summing up will be short.


My web-site is up and running. I design it myself; still it doesn’t look half bad.

My guild has cleared ToC. Yep, we killed the last monster in the toughest dungeon in the game: that huge blue beetle. Yeah, I am sorry, normal people, it’s a triumph only in the geeks-and-nerds world.


The parcel that I sent 10 days ago to Oregon is still nowhere to be seen. Ridiculous. “Delivery in 6 days maximum” my ass. There are Christmas cards in it and the customer who is waiting for it probably needs at least two weeks to send them out. I feel guilty and upset. Even if I print another bunch now and send them with Xpresspost will they get there in time? I don’t know, I am not sure anymore.

Milorad Pavic past away. His books were a very important part of my life. His Dictionary of the Khazars was my personal bible the whole way through my post-grade studies. I felt it was about people like me: scholars, reaching through time and space in desperate attempt to shape a human culture in its whole: Adam Kadmon, the primal man, the humankind as it is. “The terrible power is hiding in my ink pot, and I can let it loose by my own will.” Well, there was time when I thought that my life really had meaning. Now the last prophet is dead.
Photo Collage by Anna Shishkina