Friday, January 8, 2010

Back to winter

So we went south for a week as usual this (oh, I am sorry, last) year. Our trip to San Francisco was fun, fun, fun every given day. We stayed with friends who are embodiments of Bay area cool: relaxed and energetic, social and friendly. They took us to a bay tour on a tiny plane (and I was even allowed to hold on a steering wheel for an excruciatingly long 5 seconds). Here I am: a brave pilot on a mission.

And this is Golden Gates Bridge from the air. And the city: sooo cool! The view is absolutely beautiful. The notorious San Francisco fog (that day it was rather a haze, we were really lucky with weather) makes the bay look magical.

Well, I thought that the city is beautiful, but Sausalito took my breath away. The pictures can’t convey this peaceful, subtle, aquarellish charm. I know, my photos are just mostly gray, but in reality there are millions of delicate shades you can find probably in the mother of pearl.

Surely we went on Twin Peaks (nope, it doesn’t have anything to do with the movie, I checked) to take pictures of the city. There was sure windy up there, I can’t say we weren’t warned. I sorta understood why the locals found San Francisco’s winter cold (at first we were just ecstatic to come from -15C in Montreal to +15C there).

We also went to Napa valley and I heroically tried to drink it all up, being a dedicated drinker in the group. Again – the place is absolutely beautiful, but in a different way: sunny and warm and inviting. The vine is expensive though, I wasn’t expecting it. Still we brought four bottles with us to Canada.

And, drinking aside, we visited a restaurant where gender-ambiguous waitresses at some point jumped on the counter and started dancing. As we were told that was a real San-Francisco cuisine specialty. It sure was fun, and the ladies looked very good, much better then, say, I did. These Bay area people surely can party I am telling you.

In a (coco)nutshell: I am absolutely happy with our trip and I did finally touched Pacific ocean.

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