Monday, January 25, 2010

Funny thing about an inspiration

Last Friday I was completely ruined by the cruel squash game Thursday night. My whole body hurt. I couldn't thing, I couldn't draw, I felt miserable and grungy. The day was wasted, I haven't done anything, and my mood sunk deeper and deeper when the night approached. I made a dinner, eat in front of the TV and then suddenly for some reason I started to think about posters I have seen at our San Francisco friends' house.

They had a few very stylish wine and spirits posters, and I thought how smart they looked and why we didn't do something like this - interior decoration-wise. And now again I was remembering those, and suddenly I felt like drawing something alcohol-related.

Remind you: before that moment I wasted the whole day doing virtually nothing: browsing Internet, wining on the phone, trying to tidy up the apartment with no real result... Not even one productive though came to my head. I don't know what has changed suddenly, but without any prior steps my subconscious handle me the ready-to-work-on idea: Chartreuse!

It was around 8 PM already, mind you. I got up and after just a couple of composition sketches I came up with this:

Well, you know: Chartreuse is made by monks, but it's anything BUT proper and sober. Hence the little naked witch in the white (I checked with Wikipedia) Chartuseans monks' cloak.
I transferred it into a computer and worked it completely in Illustrator. Vectorised and colored:

I wanted the broom and hair not just be the distinctive color, but to look fiery. Chartreuse is very strong, stronger then vodka, and it does feel like a green liquid fire.

And since I thought "poster", I finished it up with the characteristic for Chartreuse details (I had a bottle in the kitchen): the thin golden frame and the monastery seal, and being very much aware of the copyright boundaries I found a commercial font that just looked like Chartreuse logotype, but it's not it:

I finished well after midnight, completing the whole work at a stretch. I felt wonderful, my body stopped aching, my head was clear, and thoughts and ideas were running over. I felt asleep at 2 A.M. and at 8 A.M. Saturday morning I was at the computer again, making a pair to Chartreuse (I thought that one poster is not enough even for a small kitchen). So now I have Chartreuse, Grand Marnier and a half-finished Curacao (I sort of lost the momentum yesterday, after working almost the whole weekend through).

I tried to print them out and see how can I make them available at my Etsy store. So, that funny thing about an inspiration: I never know when it comes and where it goes. The only thing I can do is to grasp on the moment and use it to the full, don't stop until it ends. And the - wait for an another moment.

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