Monday, February 1, 2010

Survived Ice Fishing

Oh, yes, we did! You probably thought we wouldn't. You probably thought we shouldn't. But we did and we are absolutely ecstatic!

We went quite far, to Ontario. And we went in probably the chilliest week-end of the year. It was -17C and windy. My Russian hat came up very handy.

This is me with my nifty ice-fishing rod.

The place is absolutely beautiful. Huge frozen lake looking like this:

And the ice is always cracking. Loud and scary. Look at this crack! I was scared to walk around even after we were told that the ice is at least 2 feet deep.

So, we stayed in a warm, well-heated cottage. And when we were ready, this fine gentleman brought us to the middle of the lake.

In a wagon, hooked to that funny little four wheeler he was driving. And left us there.

No, we were not sitting on the ice outside. It was freezing out there! So they had this little huts with holes inside. The holes in the ice, not in the hut, obviously. This is my hole. Shut up, you children!

I personally caught only buzz. But hubby did drugged out of the lake a very descent size bass. Pity thought we had to release it, because it was off-season. Look at this beauty (the fish, not hubby. Shut up!)

Colonel Tiny was there, of course. He didn't catch anything, except for a nasty cold. But still he was a very, very good crab!


  1. Really cool blog (no pun intended) and I absolutely adore your illustrations! I understand where the inspiration for Aleutie came from after seeing these photos! :)

  2. Thank you so much! Well we do have some winters!