Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tri-holiday Sunday

Today, Sunday, February the 14, we have three reasons to celebrate. The first one you probably guessed. The second is the "Chinese", aka Lunar New Year. And the third one is the Forgiveness Sunday - the last day of Russian Butter Week. Tomorrow Great Lent begins.

So we went out for a romantic lunch to a cute Vietnamese restaurant, and after that I rearranged furniture. It's cold and windy outside and finally I am over winter. Starting making plans for spring and summer. umber one: start wearing flip-flops.
I also did the Color Quiz: what color matches your personality, and I got YELLOW!


  1. Oh, no! No flip-flops, I beg you :)

  2. I'd hold off a little longer on the flip-flops... it's only February :) Although I have to admit that I just bought a new nailpolish that I'm itching to wear with a pair of gold, strappy sandals!
    Happy Clean (or Pure) Monday!

  3. Jh, no, I am just starting to make plans on wearing flip-flops :))