Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are You a Lovely Blogger?

Rachel at Lovely Clusters is putting together a The Lovely Blogger List - list of creative gals with blogs - and she is having an open call right now. Do I want to get in? You bet! So here is my submission/introduction:

My name is Julia and I live just across the river from Montreal. I am a creator of weirdolls - those fun little cuties, who bring a smile to your home. This is my newest creation and if you click on a picture you will end up in my Etsy Weirdolls shop.

I am also a graphic designer and a card maker. If you click on this picture you will be transported to my other Etsy shop Aleutie studio.

And if you click on this logo you will see my professional web-cite.

I love to cook, so this blog of mine is full of recipes and photos of FOOD. I also have a very unhealthy love-hate relationship with fashion – I used to be a fashion writer for quite some time and now I just don’t know what’s pretty anymore. I have a husband, who works in cancer research. We both love to go fishing and camping in summer. We love to travel, so if you stick around you will probably see quite a lot of pictures of me staying in front of some ruins. I am an author of three novels and I work as a movie extra in my free time. You can say that I am just a little bit overcreative.

You can jump to my flikr page or to my Facebook ot to Twitter using the buttons on the right.


  1. Love it!! This is lovely blog, and a lovely blogger! A++++++