Monday, March 22, 2010

Life's Little Pleasures

This Saturday we went to a fabulous dinner to our friends', who happened to be talented jewelry makers. They work with natural stone. Just look at these beauties I picked up for myself. These little apples are made of pink quartz.

If you live in Montreal you should know "Afroditi" bakery. It's hidden somewhere in the underbelly of the Greek quarter - in very much not-so-glamorous part of the town, so the contrast between the surroundings and the inside of the place is just astonishing. You enter the door - and you are transported to Heaven. I honestly think they make the best pastries in the city, and their tiny cookies are melting in your mouth.

Anyways, this weekend was all about shameless gluttony. Although I didn't feel so good yesterday - probably the result of over-indulgence.

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