Monday, March 1, 2010


I was celebrating the first day of spring by going to a dentist. Our dentist is a very nice man and a very popular doctor, and it amazes me how he always remembers not just everyone’s name, but also the names of their spouses and kids, and what do we do and where we were planning to go for vacation. I suspect, that he keeps a secret database on his computer and check with it right before the person comes in. But when you stepped in the office, he hits the button and you can only see the blurry X-rays of your teeth.

Anyways, he is very nice. Once he was so eager not to give me any pain, he overdid the anaesthetic and froze the whole left side of my face. When I was heading home in a metro and then on a bus, I noticed that the people were looking funny at me. After I arrived I studied my face in the mirror for quite a while before I understood what the problem was. Because the half of my face was practically paralyzed, when I was blinking, only my right eye was moving. So I was travelling across the city on a public transport winking suggestively at the people.

But this time there was no horrible manipulations: just a cleaning. Although, I don’t know about you, but I would personally prefer a one little drilling to a one big cleaning. All my gums are traumatised and demand a retribution. Still, I am happy to remind you yet again that the winter is over!

If you click on the bunny it will bring you to Cute Overload web-site that I love. They also have kittens. And birds!

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  1. I TOTALLY commiserate with your visit to the dentist... I'm known for procrastinating my dentist visits. I can't stand cold, metal tools scraping at my teeth and making my head reverberate! Glad you go that done with.

    p.s. such a cute bunny -- I want one!!