Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's new in Amigurumi

At first I decided to do this week's shoutout about amigurumi masters from Etsy. But while I was searching for something really special and unusual, I somehow drifted beyond the realm of typical amigurumi style. There are many wonderful artists who create beautiful quality products, supplying the world with tons of adorable crocheted toys – your classic amigurumi creatures. But today I would like to introduce to you three etsians who really stand out. Their creations may be somehow marginal for amigurumi world. They have that extra special something that I will try to catch and verbalize – because that is what my shoutouts are about: to find and pinpoint those wonderful irregularities that are the fundamentals of creative success.

Knittingdreams don’t just crochet her pensive-looking teddies and bunnies, but also sews clothes for them. Look how serious this teddy-bear looks in his cute little well-furnished interior, with that big fluffy head and almost-human look on his face:

Artist's Trademarks:
- Fluffy mohair
- Smart miniature clothes
- Combining knitted and fabric elements

From the high end of the market I am giving you Big Al
the squid, created by Angela of AngDavidson's Shop. Her colourful monsters are quite big for amigurumi. Rasta-monsters and squids, pop-eyed aliens and melancholic giraffes are crocheted from multicoloured yarn and just too cool!

Artist's Trademarks:
- Long limbs
- Goggled eyes
- Cheerful Neon colors

And from the opposite side of the space comes – the buttfreckle. What one can do with a buttfreckle? Well, Bridgette, the owner and the creator of Buttfreckle's shop thoughtfully informed us in her shop’s announcement. You can:
- hide a buttfreckle in the medicine closet
- stash it in your child's lunch
- make it pee on your son
- throw it at the cat

Artist's Trademark:
- Injecting personality into a small soft ball with button eyes

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  1. Wonderful article!! Thank you so much for your kind words about my little amigurumi bears!!