Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just made it for myself

Yesterday I was skyping with my cousin. I was wining about business going slow and she said to me: "You know, you should just stop thinking about business and how to make money and for a while concentrate on art and really do something creative". And I think she was absolutely right. This money-making approach doesn't do me any good. I am freaking out instead making stuff.

So I forbade myself thinking about profit and made this - completely useless pretty thing, just for myself. It's a key necklace made of.... oh, well, mostly salvaged parts. And beautiful emerald-green glass beads.

BTW my on-line survey results came up. Apparently most of you, guys, just want to see me, parading in skimpy outfits. Good for you! :)) Recipes was a popular choice as well, I am happy to say. I will post pictures everything good and tasty I manage to create in my kitchen. Some readers also want to know how I make my dolls. I promise, I made a little tutorial with pictures - as soon as sun come out again. It's really gloomy day today and I don't think I could make decent photos with my silly little excuse for a camera.

Oh, by the way: I am thinking about buying a good camera (good, but still under 1000USD!). Do you have any suggestions?


  1. Maybe you should show us how to make a doll based on yourself cooking in a skimpy outfit?

    Maybe I try too hard to combine ideas. :)

  2. What a pretty necklace!!