Monday, April 19, 2010

Safety is a matter of insurance payment

Let’s say a little kid was promised to go to Disneyland on the weekend with his mom. But when they woke up Saturday morning, it was raining cats and dogs. Moreover, the forecast said that the heavy rain will continue through the night and the next day. So, they didn’t go to Disneyland and the kid was very upset. But when they woke up Sunday morning the kid look at the window and he though that the rain not as heavy anymore and started to yell: “Mom, mom, let’s go, le’s go, IT’S NOT AS BAD!”

In this metaphor rain is Iceland’s volcano, the kid – airlines and the mom – airports’ regulations.

How is that possible that just last Thursday they were saying that air travel in Europe would not be possible maybe for a month or two, but now they are talking about opening airports right about now? Let me tell you how it’s possible. It’s not because the quality of the air improved so drastically over the weekend. It’s because the companies already lost humongous amount of money and it made them rethink their safety standards. This is my honest opinion. Some CEOs are evaluating the possibility of losing a plain against the possibility of losing their jobs, and at the very moment when the latter will exceed the former, they will start flying. And they will keep flying until somebody crashes. Taking into account the previous record, it will be probably Air France. Wanna bet?

I am really pissed off. People could get hurt there.


  1. Hey that's interesting they said that it would be nearly a month over where you are, but here in the UK they always said it would be just a few days, then realised it would actualy be longer!

  2. See this is interesting. Maybe it's because you guys are situated a little bit aside from the big cloud, or maybe it's because UK is not as inclined to panic as some other countries. Not countries, probably, just mass media.