Monday, May 3, 2010

Dreamcatcher's Dilemma

I never cared much about "Star Wars". I used to watch "Star Track" for a short period of time, but we sort of fell out. Indiana's movies made me sleepy and James Bond failed to turn me on. I seriously disliked "Back to the Future", as for "Lord of the Ring" - just spare me.

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" is my franchise.

I grew up on Freddy's movies (tells a lot about my personality, I know). God knows how many times I saw the classic series - in the theater and on tape, in "Children's Cinema" right behind my parent's house and in shady video salons that popped up everywhere after USSA has collapsed. These movies were so good: the ideas (many!) were absolutely fresh at the time, the funny animated Freddy was enough in a before-the-computer-graphics era, and every story was dynamic and full of awe. Surely, it lost the drive with the time, but the first FIVE movies were just awesome!

Now, as a normal fan, I am anxious and teared apart. On one hand, I really want to see the new movie, but in other hand I realise that this is just nostalgia and my wish to turn back time is speaking. Remake can't be good, I know it. I shouldn't go, I will be disappointed and - very possibly - hurt. Especially when the best thing critics said about the new picture for now was "One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four, we've been there before". Yep, this is pretty much the best review. The other are worse.

No, really - what am I expecting? That some Hollywood exec pisses on the old dry bones and Freddy will arise again? The junk yard will start shaking and crashed cars will honk and the skeleton of my childhood will begin growing flesh? Fat chance.

But the temptation!

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