Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things I Like About 80s

(and don't like about today)

1) Athleticism. Remember the time when everybody was doing aerobic, hanging upside down from the ceiling and discovering Eastern combat arts, and still nobody even thought about quitting smoking? The emphasis of a healthy lifestyle was on being active, not on food restriction and mental games.

2) Movies. Cop buddy comedies and underdogs stories, from "Lethal weapon" and "Turner and Hooch" to "Rocky" and "Flash" - they don't make those anymore. Now it's all Marvel comics and dying people, trying to reconcile with their relatives. I don't remember a decent comedy after "Tootsie".

3) Emancipation. Women and children sought independence; career and self-fulfillment were the heroes of editorials. Now children can't stay alone in the house until way after pubescence and Las Vegas became a family place. Getting married and having children is obsession of the masses: feels like 50s are back. Every bloody cartoon is about hysterical parent searching for a child to smother, nobody wants to get big, they all want to go back to their 17-teen.

4) Computer games. They used to be simple. They used to be addictive. Now they are just to make you buy more expensive stuff, because your old, ten-month-old, 'puter is not enough.

5) MTV. Need I say more?

Surely, there was some bad stuff. Like spreading of AIDS, Chernobyl blow-up, Challenger crushed, USSR disintegrated etc. Still it was better then the endless list of wars in 2000s, tsunami outbreak, reality TV and globalization.

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