Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To Stock or Not to Stock?

I don’t have much of experience with stock images sites. I don’t believe you can actually gain a lot of money out of it, at least if you are an illustrator – I don’t know about photographers. I do think that all that people, rummaging national parks with huge cameras and tripods, are aspiring stock photographers. Doubt that all of them have an assignment from “National Geographic”.

Still, I do have an account with one of the stock sites which is mostly oriented to graphics, as their name suggests – Graphic Leftovers. I have this account for so long, I remember the time when they called themselves “Friendly Graphic Leftovers”. And by my experience they are one of the friendliest and easy-going stock sites with relatively good payoffs. So if you are an illustrator and you want to try stocks – this is a nice place to start. Although do not expect to become rich out of it.

Yesterday I received another mail from them that I made a sale and I decided to revive my portfolio. Since the last time I uploaded something to GL, I created quite a lot of useless doodle-doos I can share with people and maybe get a couple of bucks (literally – a couple). I still have that nagging feeling that internet stocks are one big scam, scamming sellers (not buyers – buyers are getting what they pay for) for money. Do object if you know something that I don’t.

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