Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New postcard and 4-color process

My new postcard is finally out and I am sending it all over the world via Postcrossing. I am rather pleased with the result, although note for the next time: make all small details, including letters, with solid primal colors, otherwise there will be a visible blurring on the edges, where printing dots are coming together.

This course on preprint I just took (actually I am having my final text tonight - ugh) helped me a lot with understanding a four-colors printing process. Before I sort of had a general idea how does offset printing works, but now I can really predict all possible problems with printing and prepare my files the best way to avoid them. Of course, only when I remember to do it.

And on this card I can see a very nice (probably two-coated) solid black with crisp clean edges, nice four-colors process on the areas with skin colors, good enough gradient background and unfortunately not very sharp purple letters, made of red and blue dots - small enough that you can't really see them with naked eye, but not small enough to prevent this annoying color blur on the edges.

Anyways, the postcard looks good enough and people laugh when they see it. If any of you, guys, want to have one, just let me know!

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