Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year’s Resolutions 2011

Here is to number 2!

1) Get back behind the wheel. Maybe take a few lessons and then persuade the hubby to let me drive from time to time. If he resists, force him.

2) Start to burn more calories then I consume and burn them through physical activity, not neurosis. Take up some aerobics, dancing of martial arts.

3) Learn bridge or whist or something, and then teach friends. If they refuse – force them.

4) Watch "True Blood", "Big Love" и "Lost" – I just wonder what is all that hype about

5) Learn how to make a video for graphic tutorials. Create a Youtube account.

6) Write a self-help book and try to sell it. I always was a great guru. Something about a sensible wardrobe, maybe.

7) Find a publisher or at least an agent for “Runaway bride”. It’s a shame to sit on a good finished manuscript.

8) Produce some sort of soft goods with my design: a tee-shirt, a scarf or a throw pillow. I don’t have a slightest idea how to start, but I’ll figure it out.

9) Start to paint with oil on canvas. No biggie.

10) Get some kind of three-month certificate: a bartender, a hairdresser, a real estate agent. Just want to have something.

11) Get a scuba diver’s certificate. I don’t know, where, in a pool.

12) Grow my hair to the point I can get a short bob like Katherine Zeta-Jones in “Chicago”.

13) Volunteer

14) Never say no to a project. I am not going to be a Yes Man, but I will seize opportunities.

15) Adress my English grammar and spelling. You are welcome, world.

16) Get somewhere. It would be very nice to finally get somewhere.

Now: what do you get?

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  1. I like your list, especially when you say you'll force them and scuba dive in a pool. I too would really like to get somewhere. I keep saying hopefuully in 2011.