Thursday, December 16, 2010

So, about all that snow

Today was the third time this week when I was cleaning snow from the patio.

Here I started: it was at lease twelve inches, accumulated during last night

At the beginning it was fun. Well, let's face it: I need exercise

But soon I got a little bit tired. I really need more exercise!

But I didn't have a choice, so I kept going... You can already see the progress!

And the final scrub! Hurray, I am going to get some lunch and then continue to work on a custom calendar. It is a really fun project: 12 cartoon with a real person (for whom this calendar is getting made). I love cartooning people.


  1. Julia, Im sure you are ready to clean more snow!!
    I love that tired expresion...

  2. Oh, the snow never ends. NEVER!!!