Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter. Again.

Well, it happened again: a winter blitzkrieged on our fair city and completely overcame it. I don’t know how it happens, but at the beginning of every December the first snow manages to caught off guard and paralyze Montreal. And it’s not like we live somewhere in England and don’t know what the real winter is. We should be prepared. It happens every bloody year at the same time!

That “light snow” that was announced yesterday grew up into a nice heavy blizzard, with a strong wind and all that crap. This morning my dear neighbours found themselves trapped in the building: a snow bank at the garage door kept everybody inside till ten AM. I had a very important meeting downtown and decided to take a bus. In normal circumstances the bus is more reliable than a car, because buses have a dedicated line at the bridge (oh yeah, I live across the bridge from the city). Well, not today.

I spent forty fabulous minutes at a bus stop. The bus didn’t come. Actually all the buses were passing by, empty, and didn’t stop. I have no idea why. When I realized that I have missed the meeting anyways, I gave up and got back home (charged the huge snow bank on the way and got my jeans soaking wet up to my knees). At home I found my husband who also failed to cross the river. He took a car and got hopelessly stuck in a traffic jam on the bridge.

So we made a cocoa with tiny marshmallow and spent today at home. I can’t believe that this winter thing has just started. I am already tired and fed up.

Oh yeah, this is exactly what it looks like!