Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some People do Fly!

This Saturday we went to see our friend fly. Without a parachute.

It was absolutely incredible. It's an indoors freefall simulator, in other words: they throw you onto a giant air cushion, created by an airstream, passing throw the 45 foot tower at a speed of 175 km per hour. You can lie on the air, fly up and down, twirl, rotate and do all aerobatic stunts you wish, getting a real sense of what skydivers experience while falling from a plane.

Unfortunately I didn't get good pictures, because it was already way after 8 PM and the tower wasn't very well lit. But still you can see that it was quite amazing. Look at her, soaring above the floor like a balloon!

"Skyventure" obligates every new flier go through initiation, including a pre-flight training and two one-minute session with an instructor. He firmly holds the rookie by the handles, attached to his or her suit and doesn't let them fly to high or too far.

At the end of the second try the instructor grabbed the person and shot up in the air, to the very roof, rotating all the time. We couldn't hear them screaming, because the tower is smartly soundproof, but still I can imagine the sensation!

I didn't do much heroic things that night, just posing around with my new hair cut. Now I am so completely jealous and really really want to try it too!


  1. This just looks so awesome! I'm jealous now!

  2. it is awsome! Can't believe they let little kids - like 4 years old - fly!

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