Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My plants are in a sad, sad state. Apparently, I brought a spider mite in with a cheap convenience store rose. The rose is long dead now, and the mites have spread on other plants before I had time to google it.

As I was promised, this thing is close to impossible to get rid of. I drowned the plants in insecticide, barely staid alive myself in this chemical war, but the mites seemed to thrive on a poison and just cover my poor lemon all over. Other guys are in a complete distress too. After two weeks of constant battle, I didn't have another choice than physically remove all infected leafs, twigs and sprouts. Then I again drown the rest of the plants in insecticide and brushed them from the residual web and, probably, some mites.

Here is what I was left with: an amaryllis stump, a lemon trunk and a few miserable branches of that other guy whose name I didn't know. I really hope, that my lemon (which we grew from a seed) will recover: it is a survival. I should name it and call it "he". I dreaded that all this will be not enough and after my plants grow leaves the infestation will come back. So annoying!

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