Friday, March 25, 2011

A Manifesto

I am a cat person. I am sorry, but most of the dogs annoys me. A dog is like a needy clingy friend who just got dumped and now he needs constant attention. Let's go to the park, let's play, please look at me, talk to me, throw me a ball! And if you don't give him enough attention, he is going to do a ridiculous suicide attempt by eating some shit from the street.

On the other hand, a cat is basically a throw pillow that eats and poops. Sometimes cats can be really cute, especially when they demonstrate that funny stubborn self-confidence that some very smart little kids - the ones who thrives for independence and insist to do everything by themselves. But most of the time they are just sleeping quietly wherever you put them.

Next time: my position on Israel vs. Palestine.
Just kidding.


  1. well.. out cat pretty much operates in a dog mood. ;) She just needs attention. She'll crawl over my keyboard, bull over my arms to prevent the typing. And if only I somehow manage to keep typing, she will be biting and clawing the hands, hinting I need to stop that and just observe her, spreading over the keyboard in a Tician mode.

  2. Well, if there are women trapped in men's body, there should be dogs, trapped in cats.