Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My day in pictures

Good morning!

It's very early, everybody's asleep in the neighborhood

I am having my coffee

...with a bagel, of course

Watching something on TV. Is it Tom Cruse?

Then I set my plants out: I took them inside the night before, because our building was treated against spiders

Wow. They spare no effort... and no pesticides

Looks like I am washing my windows today

Working at the car wash...

...working at the car wash, baby...

I have many windows

So when I finished up...

... I was pooped!

So I went to get something to eat. Here is our park

and a Quebec flag flying over SAQ

Rrrright, no mail. Canada post is on strike.

Got myself some sushi. I am sooo fabulous! Actually, it was the simplest and the cheapest option.

Turning on the air conditioner: it's +28C outside. Killing me.

I am adding a big fan and playing Marylin Monroe

To the drawing table! I have an idea in mind.

I want to draw a girl in 60s style with big rollers on her head

But the rollers turned out weird. So I add a little wig for her

And Photoshop the wig on the girl's head. Even weirder...

Add a little color and now it's obvious that the picture is going to the garbage... Well...

Getting to the balcony and checking on my plants. For god sake, you were alive this morning! Rrrr... Another date palm I am growing from the seed is dead. Only one rest.

My hubby comes home and we are having a dinner

And then we are going for a walk. It's me in the mirror :)

Here is our church (I never been inside but it's bells wake me up every Sunday morning)

Our park with a lake

An old building in the historical center of the town

And the town's logo

Jasmine is in full bloom... Nice!

Another old building (I don't live here, never I would live in a building with no indoors plumbing)

and now we are back and we are going to bed. Good night!

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