Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lake Chat friday

This Friday U-2 gave a concert at Montreal hippodrome. Smart people who worked around that area took a day off, because the whole city district was closed and messed up.

So we made a reservation at SEPAQ website and run away from the city. We went to Laurentides, to Mont-Tremblant park.

it was such a nice contrast to the hot, crazy city: mountains, forest, a few cars with canoes on the roof...

Then a deer came out of the forest. Look at these ears!

This is me, mighty proud of myself: I managed to get a very nice camping site, away from the road and close to the lake. We were staying at Lac Chat.

And here is the lake - so peaceful and pretty:


Seriously: it was the best barbeque in my life. I marinated the meet (pork) in carbonated mineral water with spices (new recipe: so much better then any kind of acidic marinade).

Then clouds started to build up...

We just had time to eat and hide away some stuff when a thunderstorm started with heavy rain.

We tried to wait till the rain is over and put everything in the car, but we fell asleep when it was still raining. And in the morning we found all our "dry" food scattered around by raccoons. I don't know how did they managed to open a well-closed container. The water didn't get to cookies, but raccoons did.

So we had some eggs and bacon for breakfast - no bread, no bagels...

here is how much rain fell down: this cup was empty at the evening:

Then we went to Chute du Diable (Devil's waterfall)

And to the trail La Corniche

And at the trail we run onto a deer and it just ignored us:

Here, I made a video:

A view from La Corniche to lake Monroe

And on our way back I was playing with a shutter sped on my camera:

It was a very, very mice little getaway.

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