Tuesday, August 23, 2011

it's nice to be back

Hello, world! We are back home from Greece/Netherlands/France/Russia. It feels like I was away for a year - no less. Actually it was almost four weeks for me. My apartment feels weird and funny, and I am having hard time trying to locate frying pans and tea cups in my own kitchen.

Too many new experiences too much information. My brain is overloaded and I feel totally lost. What the heck I was doing before I went away? Is it really my piece of work here on the desktop? Who should I call, who should I meet? What were my plans for the next month? But even more strange: when I look at my vacation photos I can't really believe that I just went there, that it is me on the picture: staying in front of the Acropolis, walking through Alsace village, swimming in Adriatic sea, eating herring in Hague, hugging my parents.

I hope it will get better in a few days, after I deal with jet lag and do all my four weeks worth of laundry.But right now it feels like I woke up after a very long dream and I am not sure if I am happy to be up and awake.


  1. I can imagine. After one week you will forget you were on holidays :)