Monday, September 26, 2011

Sharpie Liquid Pencil

I decided to do a little product review. I bought Sharpie's Liquid pencil with great expectations: first, because I generally love all Sharpie's products and second because I am just such an optimistic boob who has a tendency to expect too much from everything and everybody. So maybe it was partially my fault that I was disappointed.

What does the commercial really says? That the main advantage of a liquid pencil over a mechanical pencil is that it doesn't have a lead that could break. So if breaking leads is your main problem, liquid pencil could be for you. Although I would recommend that you just not get the lead out too far and don't push on it too hard. That might probably save you just as well.

But I for some reason was hoping that liquid pencil would give me a more smooth and even line that the regular graphite pencil can. Basically I was hoping for a gel pen, behaving like a pencil - completely erasable and in a graphite color. Is it? Nooooo.

In reality, liquid pencil gives a very uneven line. As you can see on the photo, the lines have very noticeable gaps. Actually, the pencil draws more or less without gaps only if you hold it strictly vertically, 90 degrees to the paper, which is not normal and not comfortable - at least for me. It is achievable if you hold it in your fist, like small children do. Which actually make sense, because those are the people who would have constant problems with breaking leads.

The "pencil" also starts leaking quite quickly - see all these smudges? Basically it behave like a cheap ball-point pen that leaves smudges on the opposite page after you close a notebook. And it can't be just my luck, because there were two pencils in a pack and I tried both - and they both behaved naughty: gap-y lines and smudges.

Disappointed at least. Wanting my money back to some point. Admitting that it might be my fault: I should not expect to much. Wanting to write to Sharpie: Dear Sharpie, redesign liquid pencil so it would look like a children product and you'll be golden. Make it red and glue Sponge Bob eraser to the top, because adults will not buy it anyway. Kiss, Julie.


  1. Sounds really disappointing! I hate when a potentially good idea doesn't live up to its claims.
    Thanks for stopping by... as for the spice jars - they stick probably better to the fridge than they do to the rods - I have to give them quite a pull to get them off! :)

  2. Seriously? That's great! Everything probably depends on the quality of the magnet: for some reason all magnets fall down from my fridge sooner or later :)