Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stone Egg and Arctic Trout Disaster

This morning was absolutely gorgeous and I went to do some sketches of interesting buildings in the old town. For the reference I made a snapshot of the street view before starting drawing. This is a corner of St. Jean and St. Marie where I spent a beautiful half and hour sketching Old Fort restaurant.

 And when I got back home I discovered a wonderful challenge of the day, presented by Rebekah of "A Bit of Sunshine". Today, on the tens of the month you have to take one photo an hour for ten consecutive hours and then post the photos to your blog. Well, as you see: it was fate. So I kept snapping pictures :)

This would be my lunch: a chicken soup. No, I am not ill or anything, it was just a very tasty chicken.

Love these Saturday's far-nientes in the chaise longue - pardon my Babylonian language-mixing.

It was almost a month since we returned from Greece and I am in the process of making a sort of travel scrapbook about our adventures. This sardonyx egg I bought on the island of Hydra.

Then we went grocery shopping and here is the loot.

We also bought two nice arctic trouts that I backed with carrots, onions and cresson.

And I know the blog etiquette: I suppose to tell you how tasty and wonderful it turned up, but it doesn't. It was a huge disappointment. I failed miserably.

So I tried to comfort myself with some tea.

And sorted out the rest of my vacation memorabilia (I am working on the Greece scrapbook now, but I still have France and Russia to go).

And here are some pretty things with pretty shadows under the pretty lighting.

Thank you for spending this day with me! If you want to see other entries, go to:

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  1. I want your soup! I woke up sick today and that is all I have been thinking about... lol

  2. Thank you, Kelly! :)

    Mommy Minded: aww, sending healing wishes your direction! :)

  3. what a great group of pics. look forward to seeing more here!