Monday, October 10, 2011

Light, ribs and bicycle

This is my second entering in A Bit of Sunshine's Ten on Ten. Enjoy!

1) I woke up as usual, a little bit past six. A little bit of cream magic in my coffee, please!

2) In an hour or so the sun finally got up. Slugger!

3) I checked out the results of my mushroom spores art experiment. It was inspired by the work of Resurrection Fern's Margaret Oomen. Who knew that some mushrooms drop not white, but brown spores? Not me...

4) Then I went for a quite long work, trying to catch good morning light. Look at this fall luv - awww...

5) My architecture sketching is very weak, so I am trying to use every warm day to go to the old town and sketch some beautiful buildings - not so beautiful on my drawings. Could you believe that I spent an hour on this?

6) I took this on my way home. Before living a house, I set my marinated pork ribs in the oven and left them under my husband watch. At this point I was starting to worry that the ribs were burned.

7) But they were OK, better, then OK actually. Those are the ribs from the yesterday's post - check out the recipe there if you are looking for something tres succulent  :)

8) A little bit of meditation over the watercolores with no particular result. Except the fact that I fall asleep for a good hour. I blame ribs.

9) Some strong tee to wake me up. Rushing to the river to catch the good light again.

 10) Although it was no reason to rush: it was too early anyways. And that is how I spent a good part of Thanksgiving.


  1. found your blog via ten on ten.

    love the mushroom spore experiment and the bench love photo.
    long walks are great especially in autumn.
    cool sketches!

  2. It was nice getting a behind the scenes look! Thank you for a wonderful and sunny day. Your pork ribs look delicious!

  3. Thank you for comments, guys! Hope your days went as great as mine!

  4. wow, looks like a truly beautiful day! The mushroom spores are gorgeous