Thursday, October 27, 2011

Working step by step

Some of you might be interested: phases of my work on an illo from a sketch to a file. Lana, you'll be interested, I know. This particular artwork is sort of PG 14, but I hope you'll be fine with it ;)

First I make a working sketch: all the principal composition, details and correction. Then I copy it into a fair copy: no eraser allowed on it.

I ink the fair copy with my favorite Sharpie pen.

Clean copy goes into a scanner and then I start to color it - usually in Photoshop, although I can't come up with any reason why I don't do it in Illustrator first, since I start with flat colors anyways.

But very soon I start working on rendering, so from this moment on - Photoshop it is.

And I also can go to Painter for a while, because my ancient Photoshop is not sensitive to pen pressure and sometimes I need to clean up or patch the lines. Here for example I use a pen and a tablet to white out the wire and add some fullness to the hair.

And now - Cybersexual Revolution has begun!


  1. allo quel genre de tablette que tu utilse,
    moi j'utilise une wacom et j'aime bien je me convertie tou doucement a la tablette jai commencer a faire beaucoup de peinture avec painter et photoshop je ne prend aucun effet juste le crayon. et tes model tu les prend ou l'imagination ou un model en particulier j'aime l'idée du dessin cool et les couleur j'aime comment que tu les utilise bravo de stéphane

  2. hey, Stephanie! I use Wacome Bamboo - the small simple one. I use it for a very short time and still didn't get use to it. When I use the tablet all my lines go everywhere except the point it suppose to be :)) For this illo I used my own photo of hands for the reference (my own hands) and every thing else is from imagination :)) Sorry, I still can't say all this in French :)