Friday, December 9, 2011

Captain Nemo

I discovered a wonderful web-site, all dedicated to original songs from old Soviet movies: Pesnifilm. And there I found one of the most mysterious, mesmerizing and the most loved song of my early teenage years. This song comes from a not so great movie: it was a Soviet adaptation of Jules Vern's "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea", titled "Captain Nemo". The movie was mediocre, but the score was great. And after I heard that ling-forgotten song, an idea that I was struggling for a good two weeks, finally took shape.

Here is that song:

And this is my illo:


  1. wow tu as une imagination très développé et comme je tes toujours dit tu a le tour avec les couleur,
    ces vrais que ma couleur préféré est le bleu
    ces plaisant a regarder

    stéphane petit

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  3. Thank you, Stephane! Your comment made my day, really :)