Friday, January 6, 2012

Link Lovin'

Some wonderful things I found this week on Internet:

Winter Mega-fluffness: Siberian cat Amur

I was very impressed by this news about a successful operation on separation twin girls, attached by heads: Rital and Ritag

For all you photographers: camera lens coffee mugs

Impressive DIY: decoupage on the ceiling

And this is a great idea how to createyour family tree on the wall

I really need this invention: Tether stemware saver

What can be cooler than surfing? a night surfing!

Look how beautiful ths is: Amy Eisenfeld Genser

This piece of furniture gives the whole different feeling to your time-out time-out stool

And for immature adults we have your social network shower curtain


  1. a cool j'aime ton blog car il y a toujours des surprise intéressante moi j'ai déjà fait du win surfin de nuit a la pleine lune ça été super cool.
    cette page est est super plein d'idée tu arrive toujours a m'impressionné. n'arrète surtout pas

    de stéphane petit

  2. Hi, Stephane, hapy new year! Yes, I decided to try this weekly thing: give some interesting links to ppl :)

  3. et bonne année a toi et la famille et santé