Friday, March 16, 2012

Illustration friday: Shades

Starting this month it has been illegal to die in a tiny Italian town Falciano del Massico. Apparently, they don't have a cemetery, and not eager to get one.

I was working on this illustration for a few days, but I still wasn't satisfied with the result, until this morning, when the new Illustration Friday theme was announced.  "Shades, - I thought, - what a brilliant idea," - and I gave my policeman a nice distinctive pair of shades. And they made the picture!


  1. j'aime bien je me demandait ce qui ce passait il y a un bout que je ne voyait pas d'illutration je me suis ennuyer du regard

    stephane petit

  2. Haha, nice! But how long exactly can a pair of steel handcuffs hold back death?

  3. Very cool illustration. Love the perspective!

  4. Thank you for commenting, guys!

    Cindy, I dunno, they might be an enchanted cuffs :)

    Creations By Mit: thank you for noticing, I did put a lot of thoughts into the perspective!