Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sketching outside in November

This morning I went out to do some sketching. Yes, it was about -2C, but calm and sunny. Here is the drawing-outside-in-a-cold-weather gear I used:

This blue thingy, looking like a cutting board, is actually a kneeling pad I found in Dollarama's gardening section. It is absolutely genius for sitting outside in the weather like this. It's sick, soft and completely cold insulating. It's also weightless and of the size of a medium sketchbook. You can put it on top of a dirty step or freezing stone wall and your bum will be perfectly safe and warm.

These gloves were an another great find. It's called Texting Gloves and I bought them in Jean Coutu pharmacy. The little gray rubberish dots provide enough traction to hold a pen. And when I need to turn a page, I get my first finger and a thumb through the little holes and - voila! page is turned and the fingers quickly drawn back. They are are also quite warm.

Otherwise, this weather was absolutely perfect for drawing in old town, in the area that normally would be crowded with people. Today nobody was passing by me and peeking over my shoulder. So I had a nice peaceful opportunity to draw an interesting old building in the historic center of La Prairie and that intriguing complex arrangement on the utility pole.


  1. The two pictures are spectacular, especially I like the sketch of the electricity post. This is great time to enjoy the outside and to make sketches.

  2. Thank you so much, Mayra! It was a long time I wanted to take my time and draw all this electrical thingies on the pole and today I found a good spot for it! ^)

  3. That's great! I think you're set for the winter. I'll have to look out for those gloves.

  4. Hi, Jenifer! Let's see what happens after the first snow :)