Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CBC News

I decided to time myself and find out what can I do in one day of work if you give me a completely random story to illustrate. So yesterday morning I opened CBC news site and took the very first headline to work. It was an article about aboriginal HIV infection growth in Canada. I wasn't very surprised by the article (infection rate for aboriginal people 3.6 times higher than that for other Canadians ): it was still very much inside my area of interest, but still it presented a challenge. Although, I quite easily found a few the metaphors that I could use to visualize the topic, it still demanded some research. You cannot draw "something", you always draw a certain thing, so I spent about an hour looking through the photographs and figuring out what did native americans' traditional clothes looked like, what it was carved on totem poles ets. Anyways, to the end of the day I came up with three decent looking pictures. I honestly like the dancing guy, and the two other are pretty good for supporting the idea.

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