Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catching up

I missed the last US Montreal outing. That's what you get for living at the South Shore and not having a car. So today I sent myself downtown to do as many location sketching as possible before the rain starts again.

It was unusually quiet at Place Jaques Cartier.  I guess, season has not really started yet. A very few tourists, but all the people who's feeding on tourists are out and working. Supply is way higher than demand.

Place Des Armes was filled with Tchaikovsky music and smell of manure. A lot of street performers and a lot of horse carriages, and it was pretty chilly in the shade and pretty hot in the sun.


  1. Good mix, Tchaikovsky and poo. But very daring sketch! All that vertical is so hard to crop on a page.

  2. I cheated a little :) Made Notre Dame lean much harder then the perspective actually demands.