Wednesday, May 1, 2013

US weekly theme: People on the Job

Trying to find some working people in the middle of the weekday in downtown Montreal I finally came across a postman in uniform with a huge mailbag full of mail. He was having a smoking break.

This is a thing about Montreal and work: on Wednesday, in the middle of the day - very nice sunny day indeed, I found about two hundred people relaxing at the stairs of Place des Arts, snacking, smoking, sunbathing and looking at three guys who were actually working: putting a new billboard up on the wall.

A group of red Cross volunteers was having a meeting in the park. Look at this guy with a huge beehive of dreads on his head! Suddenly a passing crazy man starts yelling at them. He was cursing and swearing, really nasty and loud. In a moment it was clear that all this flood of foul language was addressed to Canadian military. Why he was dealing it onto poor Red Cross guys - that is between him and all that people in his head.

And this is one of many street vendors setting up her jewelry stand.

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