Thursday, August 20, 2009

Better-Than-Sushi Salmon Recipe

I discovered that some people actually don't know how to make salted salmon. Quell horreur! They think that you have to go to sushi place to taste this succulent delicate heaven of fish. And they wrap it in cold rise and dry seaweed! Astonishing.

Starting today you will be free from sushi servitude. You will prepare better-then-sushi fish at home and eat it in whatever manner you prefer. I personally eat it by itself, like a candy: no bread, nothing. It's delicious and addictive. And it takes literally 5 min to prepare plus 3 days waiting time while the fish is getting cured.

For this old-fashion primitive and brilliant Siberian recipe you will need between a pound and half a pound boneless fillet of any big fish from salmon family (salmon, sea trout, gorbusha, nerka, keta - whatever is swimming in the waters near you). Mix 1 table spoon of rough salt with 1 table spoon of sugar in a small bowl. Carefully rub the fish fillet in the mixture. The rest of the mixture sprinkle on the bottom of a plastic container. Put the fish in skin down, tucking the belly part up (it is thinner and getting salted quicker, so make sure it doesn't touch the salt on the bottom). Sprinkle with a 1 tea spoon of vodka or Cognac. Cover and put in the fridge for 2 days. Then take out, flip over (belly part still up!) and leave for another day. Enjoy! If your fish got too salty reduce amount of salt/sugar mixture next time.