Friday, August 14, 2009

Little Lamb Fabulous

A Chinese "Mongolian Hot Pot" restaurant (yes, I am aware of the contradiction) that we were anxiously waiting to open for the last six or so months is finally OUVERTE!
At the entrance a hostess asks you do you want a big pot or a small pot? We told her hat we had no idea. She smiled and handed us over to a waiter (there were only male waiters there for a reason that will be explain later). He armed himself with a menu and escorted us to a table with a cooking stove set into it. Then, while we were staring at the stove, he asked as do we want a big pot or a small one?

We got a big pot. Half and half pot: one side of it consisted a spicy broth and another one - the mild one. Big solid nuts and strange berries were popping in the broth. It smelled... mmm... well, you can see yourself:

They bring over thin slices of raw lamb and then - then you are supposed to take initiative ad start cook something for yourself. Ingredients are abundant. It's all you can eat!

For the first half an hour we were running around like headless chicken and making serious culinary mistakes. We were boiling fish with lotus and baby squids with somebody's stomachs. I ate something that I still regret. But in a short time I have sort of got into the way and started to cook edible stuff. And boy was it GOOD!

Although I was probably the most Mongolian thing in the restaurant, the meet was fresh and delicious, the broth was fantastic and the whole experience was absolutely precious! This is me, enjoying food:

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