Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday Evening

Yesterday I went to a Girl's Night Out. It started at 6 PM. So, basically, it was a Girl's Happy Hour. When we arrived, the restaurant was empty. We swiped the best sits: on the couch, at the terrace. I was wearing the skimpiest skirt I own and a lightest 100% viscose top and I was dying. The heat was excruciating: 37 degrees, but I couldn't make the girls swap for a table inside.

Nobody wanted to eat in this heat. We got two sushi plates and massive amount of cold drinks. Koko is a fairly expensive place and definitely not the best to have just drinks. Cocktails are $12 for goodness' sake. But I am not complaining, because, well, it was my idea.

When we were living the place after 10, life just started to broil. The restaurant got filled up with sexy dressed girls and their surprisingly not cute dates. A black rope was mounted around the entrance. Sherbrook and St. Laurent were jammed. Our rides barely managed to get to us.

You are probably starting to think that I don't do anything else but hoping from one restaurant to another. In fact I was working like a little honey bee in the middle of the summer. I have prepared everything for my Grand Opening tomorrow. Prints are printed, paintings are packed, t-shirts are washed and lying around my living room, drying. Three minuts to curtains.

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