Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Pie Story

It started last Sunday when we missed the exit and ended up in the park St. Bruno. At the entrance there was a huge billboard, informing public that the apple gardens are open for everybody who wish to pay for picking their own apples. So we went. It was a lot of fun. When you teared one apple the whole lot of it's buddies rushed down, trying to hit you in the head.

That's how I got the biggest amount of apple I ever had in my house in my life. There it is:

Now I have to come up with ideas how to utilise all these apples. The first was a pie.

I bought puff dough from the store. To prevent leaking and drenching I decided to go with a completely new technology for me and cover the future crust with crumbs like this:

I also mixed some crumbs with apples, along with sugar and cinnamon. And this is how my pie looked like when I put it on the oven:

And in 40 or so minutes - ta-daaaa!... I recovered this beauty:

A little closer, so you can really feel the whole delicious goodness:
Thank God for Autumn!


  1. yum..... I'm drooling right now. That looks so good. Don't forget the ice cream!! :)

  2. Oh, good idea! I, indeed, forgot!