Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to be your own perfect boss

Behold, people of independent enterprise! Yesterday, while riding a bus, heading to a business meeting I really, really didn't want to attend, I came up with a Sacred Wisdom of Self-Employed. If you grasp it, it will save you quite a lot of mental energy and will help you organise your business better. Are you ready? Here it is.

When you own a business, especially if you are a business, you need to treat yourself like your employee. Be fair, but strict. Give yourself days off, sick days, pay yourself a salary and try to not drag yourself to the work on your days off, unless it is an emergency. On the other hand, make yourself to do things that need to be done even if named yourself doesn't want to do it. Send yourself to meetings and trips with no excuses, and if yourself starts to complain, threat to fire them. In return you will respect and admire yourself as a boss and will be motivated to do your job as good as possible.

I hope this little healthy dual personality exersise will help you as it helped me. Now excuse me I am planning to ask myself to make a report on current month progress before I try to run home early behind my back.


  1. Love this! Honestly, I have been such a bad employee, procrastinating way too long. I would have totally fired myself!

    I have a question for you - did you make a business plan before you ventured out on your own?

  2. I honestly think if you have a very simple business and you don't need to collaborate with alot of people and other businesess, you don't need a real "grown-up" business plan. I just kept some sort of a plan in my head and now I am prowd to report that the most of my plans seccessfully failed. I think you just need to look one step ahead and try to adapt as quick as possible.