Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What’s Hot, What’s Not Wednesday


Two more shops accepted my Christmas cards. Now I am selling in four Montreal stores – all in different neighbourhoods, which is super cool. But the biggest success that my new and risky retro-style collection has found a retailer!

First snow on Thursday night! Pity that it melted not even touching the ground.

Found “hockey”, “bobsleigh” and “downhill skiing” in change. Yes I collect Vancouver 2010 Olympic coins. No, I don’t want to buy the full collection from the mint. I collect them for my mom – she is a sport buff. She actually rearranges her life around Olympic Games.

I crocheted a not completely horrible bear. It has some problems with his legs, but considering that I crocheted for the first time in 20 years it’s not too bad.
I wrote my first business letter in French and it was understood!


The cyan printer cartridge ran out. So I changed it. And it ran out again in three days. In TREE DAYS! It will be 20 dollars, thank you very much. I started to think that I underestimated the cost price of my cards.

There was a grammar error on the front panel of half of already printed cards! Stupid me, I can’t even write “Happy Holidays” without making a mistakes. I had to reprint and wasted quite a lot of cardstock. Rrrrrr….

My annually pretty fall photo shoot was totally ruined by horrible windy weather. No beautiful autumn pictures this year.

I really need exercise and I can’t make myself work out regularly. Just can’t. The weather is too… pacifying. And it’s getting worse, because the less I move around, the less energy I have to move around.


  1. Oh I am so with you on the vicious circle of exercising front. I've been forcing myself (literally) to take baby out to meet hubby at the station in the afternoons, 40mins walk has to be better than no exercise at all right?

  2. Hi, I love your posts, and the pictures!
    now following you via rss ;)

    Link me, follow me

  3. TopCat76, wow 40 min is alot! I sometimes find myself not getting out of the house for 3 days in a raw.... :(

  4. MAISON CHAPLIN nice to meet you :)