Friday, November 27, 2009

Emma Watson or Something about style

Thanks you Emma Watson and/or your stylist - you made my dry and dusty little heart beat again. Just let us look at this wonderful and badly scanned ensemble: this is how a person should dress, this is what I call stylish. Let me explain.

Often people consider “being stylish” a synonym of “being a show-off”. “Stylish” woman is the one in an astonishing pencil-skirt and in a fabulous hat walking her dog, balancing on her skyscraper stilettos. Every day she wears a hat, and she is perfectly color-coordinated with her poodle. Who is it? What is she? Her outfit quickly answers: “She is a victim of aesthetics”. Who selected her clothes? Fashion magazines selected her clothes. Even if she has a personal shopper, nevertheless her clothes were selected by glossy magazines. The articles she put together were bought in the same range of stores, they were purchased almost simultaneously: a creepy fashion inbreeding. And if she loves “the it” things – this is the end of humanity. Let me tell you something, people: you do not wear Birkin - Birkin wears you.

And now let us look at this, hardly poor, girl.

She wears a “school blazer”, that imitates the form of British boarding schools, but it is not a real thing: it is fashionably shrunken, with the shortened tight sleeves, very London-ish, very ironic. But this blazer is double-ironic on her, since the public identifies Emma with Hermione – an embodiment of the girl from the archetypical and mythical English boarding school. And this layered irony is double-stylish: a costume of a costume, an imitation of an imitation, and “oh, for crying out loud, I know, that you know, that I know”.

Under the blazer she wears a “I ♥ NY” tee - a genius Milton Glaser’s logo, turned into a cheesiest souvenir, turned into a renewed symbol of the city, turned into a historical artefact. Do you know that thin line where kitsch suddenly going over the edge and becomes the culture? Here is that edge, this tee-shirt is that edge.

And please pay special attention to the color palette. The same colors are picking up in the details: red and red, gold and gold. Tones of neutrals and pseudo-neutrals: the blazer is black, the jeans are navy blue (trust me), the bag is gray, the shoes are olive, the top is white... So for “how many colors are permitted for one outfit?” – the answer is “I have no idea, I have a plane to catch”. And there was no answer at all to “Is it allowed for a girl with dark blond hair and very fair skin to wear black and white?” because the question is dumb. Who can stop her?

She put together an outfit with the things of different styles and her style became stronger and more distinctive. Way to go, sweetie! Each item of clothes makes sense and they are coming together like words come together into a sentence, and this is what style is about: it is a visual expression of personality.

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