Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's Hot, What's Not Wednesday

I missed one What’s Hot, What’s Not and now I can’t tell my last week from this one. So, here I am, back on a horse.


- I finally learned how to spell “Wednesday”.

- I got two new followers. Welcome, guys, thank you for your interest, I will do my best so you are not bored here.

- Aleutie was featured in a blog and my Etsy store - in two treasuries. I am getting popular!

- I balanced November and discovered to my pleasant surprise that this month my little enterprise of me made more money then I used to make working in the store. I understand that this is just a holiday fluke, but it’s one of that fluke that boosts the staff morale (lol).

- I discovered a good song: Bob Dylan’s “Things have changed” (yeah, kudos to me, the song is just 9 years old and won Oscar).

- I am working on my web-site for an almost full week now: doing a primitive (in conversations I call it “minimalistic”) design, choosing shades of gray, considering fonts. So this Saturday I looked up “Verdana” in Wikipedia and got hooked. Now I am a typomaniac. I can spend hours looking for slight differences between typefaces (yes, now I use this fancy word), learning how to spot Arial and guessing was it Helvetica or Univers in the razor commercial. This is such a fascinating area, full of great battles that almost nobody heard of and world conspiracies that went unnoticed by even the most fidgety paranoids; where the difference in one hundredth of millimetre can create milliard dollars loss or gain, and changing proportions of letter “g” can be an end of multi-million dollar corporation. Absolutely fantastic!


- Hubby doesn’t feel well.

- November is such an idle month – nothing happens, we can’t really go anywhere thanks to this nasty weather, and it’s getting dark at 4 PM. Ugh! Depressing.

- Surely, I was the only one whose present didn’t arrive in time to grandmother’s 90th birthday. I was so ashamed and upset, I can’t even talk about it.


  1. The font thing is fascinating. There are some great blogs and forums out there dedicated to typefaces and all their wonderful details!

  2. I love the helvetica tribute t-shirt to Ian Dury! Its very good indeed!
    Chele x